Raspberry Jazz

Raspberry Jazz | Inner Child Series | Mixed Media Collage | Acrylic on Canvas | by Deborah Marsh

Raspberry Jazz, is one of 6 paintings, and the first in this series of large, mixed-media collage, acrylic over canvas paintings. This painting was inspired by my adorable, playful, and smart, nephew.

The technique used is similar to the Glitter Gals series. The whole painting is done in a series of layers, and paint techniques, including paint pour designs for the leaves, glitter for the eyes and dress, as well as some jewelry.

What makes the Inner Child Series stand out is the unique method of layering that was developed during a commissioned piece for a friend. Instead of just painting the figure or face onto the surface and accenting it with various pieces, the actual subject is broken down into several layers. Each layer is painted and then layered over the next layer of the figure, adding fabric, metals, and various textures to provide a three dimensional feel to the collage painting. It’s a technique that has proven to be the artist’s favorite.

The Inner Child series was created specifically for a big art event in the Phoenix Art District, which was schedule for March of 2020, but was postponed indefinitely due to the COVID-19 shutdowns. It’s now being featured as a virtual exhibit by the Vertigo Art Gallery, where this series is being featured. The techniques, medium, and materials used are like that of the Glitter Gals collection. The subjects featured are influenced by mostly children that I know.

Be sure to check out the other 5 paintings in this special series. All paintings are for sale, and each is available as a printed poster. Just go to the site shop for details.

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