Zara | Glitter Gals | Mixed Media Collage + Acrylic On Canvas

Zara is one of seventeen paintings in the Glitter Gals collection . The Glitter Gals collection is an experimental series using paper collage, acrylic gel mediums, glues, glitter, metals, pouring mediums, fabric, costume jewelry, glue gun art techniques, and paint pouring techniques, as well as other mediums and materials, to create these beautiful portraits and female figures that are vibrant, colorful, and unique. This series was created as a tribute to my mother who passed away in September of 2017. This artwork has been recently featured at the Vertigo Art Gallery in Phoenix, Arizona.

Zara is one of the more detailed, and complicated paintings in the series. The techniques used for Zara are still the same as with Nadia, and other works within the series. However, the bridal vail headpiece, as well as the jewelry were made from various broken down pieces of jewelry, metals, cloth, and lace. The patterns in the background were made with gold metallic paint and lace as well. Zara has false eyelashes, and fully painted hair under her veil.

This painting was considered one of the most popular in the Glitter Gals series, and featured often.

While creating this collection, one custom piece was commissioned, and essentially is part of this series. This painting was also part of the Glitter Gal exhibit at the Vertigo Art Gallery.

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